Central Coast Sustainable Architects

Architects on the Central Coast who use passive design, sustainability and eco-friendly principles to create houses for every budget.

Aspect Z Architects design and build quality houses, micro-homes and granny flats with low energy requirements, passive heating and cooling, and sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials. Our designs deliver value and quality – and we’ve won the awards to prove it!

Sustainable Architects – The Aspect Z Difference

Aspect Z designs houses that will provide value for generations, and look after the environment. Lots of companies claim to be “environmentally friendly” but at Aspect Z it’s in our DNA. Every project is designed in line with our core principles:

  1. Site-specific design – the opportunities (and challenges) of the site are assessed and incorporated into the design. The shape of the block, the direction it faces and the slope can all be used to maximise energy efficiency. Passive design is key to lower energy bills and making the most of the site’s attributes is an important part of this.
  2. Environment – minimise the impact on the environment promoting and using passive design, water conservation and energy-efficient products in lighting and inclusions. Aspect Z uses recycled materials where possible.
  3. Spatial impact – great design is much more than how something looks. Aspect Z architectural designs consider spatial volume and airflow, light, outlook and how materials and even colour choices can make a project more environmentally friendly and maximise the functionality of the space.
  4. Materials – using recycled materials can greatly reduce the environmental impact of a house and also provide striking visual impact. Combinations of materials, textures and contrasts stimulate the senses and distinguish the property even from the street.
  5. Function and value – we actively engage with our clients to explore inspiring solutions that will best meet the functional needs of each building – now and in to the future. We provide a range of options to meet any budget.

Design and Construct Builders of Distinction

Aspect Z Design and build exceptional properties

We design using the latest architectural trends, and build to outstanding quality levels. Our hand-picked team of quality tradespeople and consultants work to bring our clients’ dreams to life.

Aspect Z is proud to have won 16 awards in our 20 years of experience. Of these, 5 have been in environment / eco-friendly categories, underscoring our focus as sustainable architects and builders.

Ready to learn more?

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