Custom Builds – The Focus On Site

Sadly, a large percentage of buildings are less than functional for the occupant, harmful for the environment and simply not comfortable to occupy.

We can do better and it’s all about the site.  If a building is carefully site integrated, benefits can include:

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Greater occupant comfort (Thermal Comfort)
  • Functional spaces that enhance living experiences
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower construction costs
  • Higher returns at resale arising from quality design

The big question is how do you go about activating these ideals into your own project? The answer is to engage an architect, a professional with an appropriate skill set to make this happen.

At Aspect Z we focus on key design principles as follows:

Site Specific Design

Each site has a unique identity with each presenting constraints and opportunities.  How we choose to respond to these marks the commencement of architecture.


Concerns with environment are vital, with our actions on a domestic scale directly impacting on a global scale.  Human comfort relies upon our respect of the environment on both scales.

Driving factors in our overall conceptual approach include Passive Design, Water Conservation and Reduced Energy Consumption. 

Spatial Impact

The recipe for a great space is undefined, with volume, air flow, light, outlook, materials, colour and functionality the influencing factors among many others.  It is our aim to provide spaces which break the mould of ‘normal’,  provide a positive impact upon the user and connect well to external spaces on the site.


It is important to avoid ‘good, bad and ugly’ labelling of materials.  In the right hands the most mundane or common material can have spectacular results.


A poorly functional building with a great looking roof remains a poorly functioning building long after the photographs are taken.  Meeting the requirements of the occupants is priority #1. 

Aspect Z is an award winning residential architectural and construction firm, based on the NSW Central Coast and servicing wider Australia, offering full architectural and project management and construction services.

Paul Zaia
Owner-Architect-Licenced Builder
Nominated Architect, NSW ARB 7016
0402 219 960