Manly Residence

Bower Street, Manly, displays a rich combination of traditional cottages alongside highly contemporary dwellings.  This renovation project saw the two styles combined within the same dwelling with the original early 1900's building fabric being retained and linked to a contemporary new modern pavilion on the south.

A makeover utilising softer building materials and natural element colours were implemented throughout to enable the integration of original and new, in what could be described as a modern cottage style beachhouse.

Intricate gables, ceiling framing and internal joinery and lining details were retained from the original cottage to ensure that the character of the original building fabric was not lost.

A pool was added on the northern side of the dwelling and was constructed as a raised structure with the water level coinciding with the internal floor level.  The pool is a focal point from the lower level living spaces and the upper level master bedroom, and acts as a natural air-conditioning device in summer with north-easterly breezes passing across the water surface into the living spaces.

The contemporary rear pavilion demanded a highly pitched skillion roof to enable light and sun to enter new living spaces, with the constraint of the existing dwelling placing a barrier to both.

A cascading water feature and courtyard and a glazed stairwell provide the link piece between the existing dwelling and the new spaces.

A new upper level was created above the existing dwelling, providing 3 new bedrooms for the young family whilst freeing up the lower level for open living spaces.

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