A dedicated work Zone in your backyard!  This Aspect Z granny flat provides opportunities for working from home without taking over the family home.  A generous open office space is combined with ensuite and kitchenette facilities, then topped off with a covered deck area.

Aspect Z's Zone Granny FlatImage


A dedicated work space only seconds from your door.

A better family – work balance.

Make the most of improved technologies and e-commute instead!

Stop paying for rented office space and invest in your own home.

Meet clients at home without giving up your privacy.

A large covered deck area – take a break outside!

Separate ensuite and kitchenette facilities to keep you and your staff comfortable and on task.

Sustainable design means less impact on your power and water bills.

Added investment on your property value.

Possible taxation benefits for your business.

Family benefits of lower living costs.

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