Our Guiding Principles

Site Specific Design

Each site has a unique identity which creates its sense of place.  No two sites are identical, with each presenting constraints and opportunities.  How we choose to respond to these marks the commencement of architecture.

On a wider scale our understanding of street and suburb provides key information for contextual based solutions.  We have strong belief in providing solutions which respect the wider community in which they reside.


Concerns with environment are vital, with our actions on a domestic scale directly impacting on a global scale.  Human comfort relies upon our respect of the environment on both scales.

Driving factors in our overall conceptual approach include Passive Design, Water Conservation and Reduced Energy Consumption.  Whilst various clients provide varying budgets and requirements, we take very seriously our responsibility to these factors and do all that we can to promote them.

Spatial Impact

The recipe for a great space is undefined, with volume, air flow, light, outlook, materials, colour and functionality the influencing factors among many others.  It is our aim to provide spaces which break the mould of ‘normal’ and provide a positive impact upon the user.

How internal spaces are physically and visually connected to the larger context of the site, streetscape and community is a great challenge, especially in our country where the climate generally promotes such interaction.


It is important to avoid ‘good, bad and ugly’ labelling of materials.  In the right hands the most mundane or common material can be seen to have spectacular results.

Combinations, textures and contrasts chosen provide impact upon the occupant and viewer alike, stimulating the senses.  An open mind offers opportunities that are both endless and exciting.


A poorly functional building with a great looking roof remains a poorly functioning building long after the photographs are taken.  Meeting the requirements of the occupants is priority #1.  We actively engage with our clients to explore inspiring solutions that will best meet the functional needs of each building – now and in to the future.