Redhead Residence

Located in the coastal town of Redhead in the greater Newcastle area, the residence is a modern family home that encapsulates Aspect Z’s mission of bringing sustainable architecture to the wider Australian housing market.

Built for a modest budget, the home is carefully passively designed in order to harness the local climate.  Glazed elements are carefully treated in order to capture views of the nearby Redhead headland while inviting the North Eastern sun.  Sunshade structures provide protection from high angled summer sun, while adding a striking visual element to the North Western facade along which entry to the building is gained.  The polished concrete floors of the lower level act as a heat sink in the cooler months, releasing captured heat into the dwelling as internal temperatures drop and a cool internal temperature in summer – resulting in a thermally stable home.  The inclusion of rainwater tanks, LED lighting, and gas fuelled cooking and heating result in a home with minimal environmental impact.

The coastal environment of the home has informed the design, with strong recycled hardwood post and beam elements providing a visual reminder of the working class marine history of the greater Newcastle area, while providing warmth to the striking pallet of greys and whites.

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