10 Reasons to Build a Granny Flat with Aspect Z

There is so much competition in the granny flat and housing market these days, with new companies popping up on the market all of the time. As such, it is more important than ever to understand who you are working with when engaging a company to make your granny flat or home project come to life. Here are just ten reasons to chose Aspect Z.

1. Architects AND Builders

Aspect Z are architects as well as builders. Architect designed; our granny flats are a stylish, modern addition to your home, not just an ugly box in your backyard – with projects designed by architects traditionally adding more to your resale value. Maximised storage, effective shading and functional but light filled spaces are the hallmarks of every Aspect Z granny flat. As architects, also we have the ability to design your own individual layout should one of our every growing designs not meet your needs.

2. 25 Years of Industry Experience

With our granny flats you are getting the benefit of over 25 years experience in the building industry. Previously known as Zaia Architects, Aspect Z is led by Paul Zaia, who has extensive industry experience in not only architecture and building, but also structural engineering and sustainability assessment. The result – a knowledge based multi-faceted approach that results in buildings that are well designed, skillfully built and constructed to last.

3. Sustainable and Passively Designed

Aspect Z Granny Flats are passively designed and sustainably built. As architects and sustainability assessors, our layouts are based on proven knowledge of how spaces work and how best to harness the natural climate and siting of the building, to ensure its occupants live in it comfortably, without causing strain on the environment or future energy bills. There is no need to run air conditioning in our grannies year round to live comfortably! Furthermore, our fitments and inclusions are carefully selected with sustainability in mind, resulting in significant water savings and high energy efficiency on site. That’s a win for Mother Earth, and a win for your hip pocket.

4. We Look After Applications For You!

Aspect Z are highly experienced in dealing with councils and certifiers. Not just for granny flats, but for multi-million dollar projects. We will act on your behalf to ensure a smooth transition from initial site visits, through to final inspections for occupation certification. Leave the applications to us and save yourself the stress of missing vital steps in the approvals process.

5. Top After Sales Service

Aspect Z are proud of our excellent after sales service provided to all our granny flat owners.  During the ‘handover’ period (when the completed granny flat is handed over to the owner to move in), we provide an extensive handover manual detailing care, maintenance and warranty information for your granny flat and its fixtures. Not only do we address any questions or concerns our clients have quickly, we ensure all of our subcontractors and suppliers (such as Harvey Norman Commercial) also provide excellent after sales service, in case an issue arises that needs attention.

6. All Inclusive Pricing

No bill shock! At Aspect Z we are saddened by the tales we hear about people who have been stung by less honest builders who are in it for a “quick buck”.  Such companies present with a super cheap advertised price, but on closer inspection do not include many of the basics in their quote – all of which end up being costly variations to the owner during the building process At Aspect Z, our advertised prices include everything in the granny flat – bench tops, built in wardrobes (including shelves and rails), rainwater tanks, verandas, electrical and plumbing items, flooring, painting – even GST! Each individual granny flat, including any additional costs related to design changes from our customers or specific requirements related to your site, is fully quoted before any works start. The result? Even before a building contract is signed, you know exactly how much the cost will be.

7. Aspect Z Belongs to the HIA

Aspect Z are proud members of the HIA – the Housing Industry Association. As such, you can rest with the knowledge that we are backed by the official construction industry body in Australia, and we actively engage in best practise industry standards.

8. High Quality Inclusions

Creating a high quality, affordable product that stands the test of time is a huge aim of what we do at Aspect Z. Consequently, our products and fitments – whether it be a timber floor product, a window unit, an oven, a downlight or your tapware – are all carefully selected to ensure they are quality products from reputable companies. Products that meet Australian Standards and have warranty backing. You will not find any no-name “out of a shipping container” products in an Aspect Z granny flat!

9. One Contact from Start to Finish

Aspect Z are not a franchise, or a huge faceless company. As a result, you receive personal service from the owners of the company, from your first meeting with us, through the design process, on site during the build, to the final handover before you move in. At Aspect Z, the architect, project manager and builder are all the same person. The impact for you? No dealing with a new person every time you contact us. No having to re-explain your questions or concerns. When you work with Aspect Z, you are working directly with the owners who care about everything that happens with your project. Quality control does not come any better.

10. We Have the Awards to Prove It!

Aspect Z are award winners! Industry awards are proof that our granny flats are quality products. We were the proud winners of the Inaugural Affordable Housing winner at the HIA-CSR Hunter Housing Awards (2016) for our Zephyr granny flat.  But that is not our only award. See our full honor roll at https://www.aspectz.com.au/awards/

10 Reasons to Build a Granny Flat with Aspect Z